Stand Up for Education

A technology-enabled, innovative, off-line training program and digital resource library is being rolled out to overcome geographic, contextual, and cultural barriers to improve the quality and reach of education in indigenous communities in the BOSAWAS biosphere reserve, Nicaragua. The offline learning project is training teachers to use resources made available through an offline digital library to innovate, despite increasing isolation and exclusion. Through the use of technology in classrooms, youth are also being empowered to explore, to stand out, and to be heard.

Reaching our goal will equip teachers with the skills necessary to use digital libraries as a resource and to incorporate the use of technology for student learning.


I can just say that this is awesome. We never thought this would be made possible to us. We had very few resources before all this new technology. Not even the national ministry for education could provide us with text books due to the long distance that separates us from the nearest city. 

-Flor Martinez, Bosawas Teacher

Stand with Flor