Stand Up for Water Rights

Community Water Committees equipped with mobile devices and data plans can advocate for water rights with their local governments, engage with community stakeholders, and access tools and resources on water management. Field officers have conducted over 230 workshops in 12 municipalities to strengthen the network of Water Committees and encourage the democratic participation in water rights advocacy.

Reaching our campaign goal means mobile devices and data plans in the hands of new Community Water Committees empowered to manage the collective water resource on behalf of their respective communities.


“Water was a need that we lacked, so the community selected me to represent them. I tell women that we have to empower ourselves in our duties, in the laws and rights. In the Community Water Committee, we are the women at the forefront, who have worked on maintaining the system and who are trying to keep our vital water supply in order. Serving is my passion, because you give what you have and not just what you have left over.”

-Maritza Sánchez

Stand with Maritza