Making Inequality History

As the 2015 deadline to reach the Millenium Development Goals nears, a call to “Make Inequality History” is becoming an important component of the “Make Poverty History” movement.

Change for Children is actively working with grassroots partners to improve the lives of women and children in impoverished countries around the world.

How? By supporting maternal and child health and food security programs that empower women, educate children, and encourage community self-sufficiency.


In Uganda, Change for Children supports the Healthy Mothers Healthy Communities project.

The program is three-fold:
1.    Expand the community hospital to include a Maternity Ward and increase the number of health professionals to care for over 15,000 women and their children.
2.    Provide training on nutrition and safe motherhood, create a Community Response Network with satellite phones for calling the hospital in emergency situations.
3.    Provide agricultural training, access to seeds, livestock, and micro-finance to ensure better nutrition, generate income, and build capacity for household and community food security.
In Bolivia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and Uganda, Change for Children supports various Food Security programs.

The Better Nutrition, Better Learning program in Bolivia assists six indigenous women’s federations with their sustainable income programs. Nutritious food products are harvested, processed and sold by these federations to the local school breakfast program. Not only does this program improve income, it also ensures that children receive better nutrition, which leads to a better education.

Projects in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and Uganda provide seeds, livestock, tools and agricultural training. Community gardens in various countries also improve nutrition, increase food sovereignty and generate income for families and communities.


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