In support of Improved Governance

The Local Knowledge; Global Goals project prioritizes local Indigenous knowledge and gender equality to build conservation capacity in order to improve the sustainable management of the BOSAWAS forest. One of the three project pillars is Improved Governance. 

Governance Goal: Improve governance capacity of the Indigenous government (GTI-MITK).

Milestones to date (Local governance):

  • Re-mobilization of WIMPA (Indigenous Women’s Organization of the Upper Coco River) after ten years of dormancy and reactivation of its legal government registration.
  • Inclusion of WIMPA representatives in Indigenous government (GTI) sessions.
  • 4 joint WIMPA and GTI board planning sessions have been held
  • 68 regional participants (50% women) at GTI year end evaluation and planning sessions.

WIMPA can now act as a legal entity authorized to manage funds, implement projects and receive funding from external sources. The WIMPA board of directors held meetings with women in the seven main communities to organize the community-level committees of WIMPA and to elect women’s coordinators to be representatives to the regional GTI. A very positive achievement has been the inclusion of both female and male community coordinators of the 34 communities in the regional governance structure, where previously there was only male community coordinators.

What’s Next
In the comming months, the inclusive, gender-equitable community planning process will continue with additional external expertise and support.

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