Honduras – HIV/ AIDS Education

Project: Hiv/aids Education For Youth And Mothers In Roatan, Honduras
Partner: Familias Saludables (Healthy Families)

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Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and it is struggling with growing rates of HIV/AIDS infection. Familias Saludables (FS) works on the Island of Roatan in Western Honduras. They operate a training program that educates youth about the prevention and early detection of HIV and other Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs). They also operate a mother to child HIV transmission reduction program. With Change for Children support, FS will be able to create more programs and reach more people affected by HIV/AIDS on the island.

This project addressed the HIV/AIDS crisis in Honduras through: HIV education, STD treatment and prevention, advocacy for human rights protection, and local capacity building. These activities enhanced HIV/AIDS knowledge and awareness and provided local skills and opportunities. As well, Change for Children facilitated Familias Saludables participation in Honduran, Central American and international networks in order to assist HIV/AIDS information sharing and to foster a best practice dialogue.

Project goals

• To educate about safe sex, STD and pregnancy prevention methods.
• To produce materials and workshops to reduce stigma and discrimination towards Persons Living With Aids (PLWA) and to provide them with employment as peer counsellors
• To promote and provide HIV/AIDS testing and to encourage disclosure of disease status.
• To educate communities, with the participation of local public figures and government representatives, about the human rights of PLWA
• To encourage employers to respect the human rights of PLWA
• To build networks between Honduran, Central American and international organizations with expertise in addressing HIV/AIDS issues, thus enhancing FS’s capacity to contribute to improving the situation on Roatan.

Change for Children’s 2005-2006 CIDA-funded intern, Lynn Sutankayo, spent six months working with our partner in Honduras and Change for Children has currently applied to CIDA to have a 2007/08 intern in Honduras.

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