Giving a Care

Philanthropy: The spirit of giving without expectation of reward.
Philanthropist: You!

We are so fortunate to have so many philanthropists in the Change for Children community! So many of you have given your talent, your labour, your creativity, and your financial support to champion our projects locally and internationally without expectation of reward this year.

Nevertheless, we hope you will feel rewarded by the knowledge that you are the heart, the soul, and the spirit of Change for Children.

Everyday philanthropists have included (but are certainly not limited to!) volunteers on our dental and optometry brigades, volunteers and supporters of our annual Development Dinner, the littlest philanthropists with the biggest hearts in elementary school, volunteer teachers sharing knowledge with our partners, University of Alberta project interns, and each and every one of you whose local support and generous donations mean global change.

Today we celebrate you and your philanthropy – your spirit of giving without expectation of reward. We hope that changing the world is reward nonetheless.

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