Recent Brigades

Participation in a dental brigade means providing dental services in communities in which Change for Children is working to promote health and human rights and to create solutions to poverty through sustainable development.

The people in the communities we visit do not have access to dental or health care. These communities are often remote and sometimes hard to reach, but always extremely welcoming. Our relationship with local partners and communities is such that we are received like family. We seek to connect communities in the South with communities of like-minded people from Canada who desire to share their skills, time, and service to help build a stronger global community.

(Payments/Donations made to Change for Children to facilitate the working days on this brigade are tax deductible but are non-refundable if you must cancel for any reason)

Dental Brigades:

TRIP FULL - Comitancillo, Guatemala

March 10 - March 20, 2017

ea797a3e-35a0-4c8f-9bdf-239ae8ec0329This ten-day trip to Comitancillo in the western highlands of Guatemala, where Change for Children has been working for over twenty years, will bring dental service to indigenous populations facing high rates of extreme poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy and marginalization by the Guatemalan government.

This trip will include 4 clinic days in the villages surrounding Comitancillo. Participants will also visit historic Antigua on the way to Comitancillo. The return trip will see one night spent in Quetzaltenengo and provide time to experience Panajachel on Guatemala’s spectacular Lake Atitlan before returning home.


Accommodation:   2 nights hotel in Guatemala City, 1 night hotel in Antigua, 4 nights basic accommodation in Comitancillo, 1 night hotel in Quetzeltenango, 1 night basic accommodation in Panajachel.

Included:  Accommodation, ground transportation, breakfast and lunch on clinic days, breakfast on non-clinic days.

Trip cost:  $1,450 Ground Cost  + International Flight + Registration fee ($150)

Trip Full

TRIP FULL - Chinandega, Nicaragua - With Volcano Trek Charity Challenge!

February 11 - February 20, 2017

PicMonkey CollageThis dental brigade combines service with adventure! If you want to provide dental service to remote communities, experience Nicaragua from a unique perspective, put some miles under your belt, and also bring clean water to a community in drought-stricken Nicaragua, this trip is for you!

The Chinandega region in northwest Nicaragua is volcano country. For the past twelve years, Change for Children has been working with communities in the drought-stricken northwest to help make water accessible to remote regions. (See Nicaragua Water Project)

Prior to completing four community dental clinic days, you will climb active and dormant volcanoes, volcano-board down a cinder slope, swim in a crater lake, walk through forested slopes, and peek over the rim into the crater of a volcano! See itinerary here.

To participate in this epic 40th Anniversary Volcano Charity Challenge (2-day trek including meals and tent camping), participants will fundraise prior to trip departure to contribute to a community water well system.

Change for Children will provide fundraising support, and you are invited to participate in our online peer-to-peer fundraising campaign to facilitate this team effort!


Accommodation:  2 nights hotel in Managua, 1 night tent camping, 6 nights basic accommodation

Included:  Accommodation, guided trek, all meals and camping equipment during trek, ground transportation, breakfast and lunch on clinic days, breakfast on non-clinic days.

Trip cost**:  $1,350 Ground Cost (including 2-day volcano trek) + International Flight + Registration fee ($150)
**Not including Charity Challenge contribution

Fundraising Goal:  The fundraising goal for the team is $10,000 to fund a water well system (Individual goals will depend on the number of participants, eg. 10 participants raise $1,000 each)
Funds raised over and above this target can be put toward individual trip costs.

Note: Participation in the volcano trek requires a reasonable level of fitness.

Trip Full

Accommodation guide: 

Hotel – Hotel accommodation in major centres is typically the equivalent of a 3 to 4 star hotel. Rooms are double occupancy with a private bathroom.

Basic Accommodation – Basic accommodation in smaller centres ranges in standard; however, is typically the equivalent of a 2 star hotel or to that of a hostel. Rooms are typically double or triple occupancy. Private bathrooms may or may not be available.

Field House – Field House accommodation includes shared sleeping quarters (2 to 4 to a room) or open-air hammock accommodation. Bathrooms are shared, with bucket-flush toilets and bucket showers. We like to think of it as rustic and charming!

Hammock – Hammocks are used when visiting remote communities where no other accommodation is available. Hammocks are typically strung in schools or community centres.